NewsCrypto has partnered up with the world’s number one crypto-friendly travel booking platform, which is (appropriately enough) backed by the number one crypto exchange, Binance!

Just as travel is becoming possible once again and we’re all excited to start packing our bags – and not just the altcoin ones – all NWC token holders will be able to pay for over three million travel products with discounts of up to 40% if they pay in NWC!

Of course, this won’t just be game-changing for existing token holders, as the deals will be available to over 150,000 active monthly users of the Travala platform that will be able to buy NWC on their preferred centralized or decentralized exchange in order to take advantage of the discounts and exclusive deals.

What’s more, Travala is also partnered with all the biggest names in travel, such as Expedia, Priceline, Agoda,, Tripadvisor and many others, meaning that the potential reach of this partnership will be far greater than just the existing Travala user base.

This is one of the most important developments in the history of NewsCrypto, and its significance is twofold. On the one hand, token holders will be able to travel to their dream destinations and pay for exclusive deals directly with NWC tokens, benefiting from the incomparable security and transparency of blockchain-based payments while also enjoying discounts that can’t be found on any other travel platform. As anyone that’s been in the trading game for long enough will tell you, experiences matter more than possessions, and now you’ll be able to spend your bull market gains directly on unforgettable experiences anywhere in the world!


On the other hand, and just as importantly, this will expose hundreds of thousands of travelers to the NWC token and, with it, the whole range of NewsCrypto products. The impact this will have will extend far beyond just NewsCrypto, since the project’s main mission is in providing education for both total beginners in crypto and experienced traders, providing everyone with all the necessary steps to go from just being interested in the crypto markets (and there’s no shortage of interest at a time like this) to becoming knowledgeable, confident and profitable in any range of crypto investment or trading strategies.

Adoption seems to be the one thing that will set this bull market apart from the previous ones, with both institutional investors and consumer-oriented companies and services (including the likes of Visa, PayPal and, of course, Travala) spreading awareness of crypto outside of the typical tech-savvy circles to which it was confined.

However, the motto of NewsCrypto has always been that education comes before adoption, or at any rate it has to accompany adoption if the exponential growth of crypto we’re seeing in this bull market is to be maintained. And given that the reach of NewsCrypto is likely to expand just as exponentially, this is one crucial step in that direction. NewsCrypto is already the number one educational project in crypto, but with this partnership, it will become accessible to an incomparably wider audience.