We’re excited to announce that NewsCrypto has partnered with StackOS, a multi-chain decentralized cloud, where you can run high-traffic applications like full-stack apps, dApps, nodes and websites.

StackOS was created with a vision to bring the power back to people, making it easier and seamless to contribute, participate and consume. They are creating a truly decentralized, super flexible and simple open protocol infrastructure that makes dec ops a thing of the past and takes app deployment into the future.

They are a decentralized cloud provider, an alternative to centralized platforms and servers that operate with more security, lower costs and zero maintenance requirements. We’re thrilled to have an opportunity to integrate with StackOS considering they bring solutions to making all parts (not just the on-chain ones) of a dApp completely transparent and decentralized.

Our partnership will consist of multiple phases, with the first stage already in full power. We’re proud to announce that the NewsCrypto Stellar-Polygon bridge is already deployed and running on their platform. It enhances the power of our bridge as it is much more decentralized, flexible and resilient. 

The problem of today’s on-chain decentralized tools and services is that they have a centralized interface which is a major problem in becoming a sovereign protocol and this is something this partnership is all about – to connect our product with theirs and enhance both of our capabilities.

Our cooperation will be based on long-term commitment as both of our companies share the same values and goals. This plays a huge role in making our collaboration smooth and effortless. Our partnership will also expose NewsCrypto & StackOS products to a wider public and expanding business into the cryptosphere.

The future is decentralized and it is an honor that we’re building this together! 

Stay tuned on our social media pages for more details and updates regarding this stirring new partnership!