We’re thrilled to announce that NewsCrypto has partnered up with Morpheus Labs, a platform for developing, deploying and integrating applications on blockchain technology to solve real-life problems.

As cryptocurrency becomes more popular and its demand for adoption in the real world becomes greater, the need for dApp development education rises.

Morpheus Labs offers superb dApp development education through an intensive education program which includes theoretical and practical components.

It focuses on the theory behind blockchain and the practical coding of a sample of decentralized applications. It offers a plethora of dApp development tools within a Blockchain Platform as a Service (BPaaS) framework which are used for developing solutions in a wide range of industries, from energy trading, loyalty programs and healthcare to aviation, unified payments and e-documents.

Their platform can be used by individuals, communities, enterprises, financial institutions and even governments, no matter their size and scale.

They can adopt and manage different blockchain protocols easily. There are nine projects integrated into the platform, including Ethereum, Hyperledger, Multichain, NEO, VeChain, Waves, ICON, Fusion and NEM, so their users have a wide range of options for their solutions.

Together we’ll be able to provide a comprehensive source of education for individuals and companies alike. Organizations will be able to understand all aspects of blockchain and create dApps that will suit their needs while being more streamlined, more cost efficient and quicker than ever before. Even students will be able to simplify dApp development and create their own solutions without having to build the solution from the ground up.

This partnership will also expose our products and the NewsCrypto Academy to a wider audience interested in expanding their business into the cryptosphere, as we will be able to supply them with education on blockchain fundamentals, while Morpheus Labs will provide all the tools necessary for dApp development in each step of the process.

The future is decentralized, and we’re proud to be building it together!