Crypto is already transforming many spheres of everyday life, most notably in the area of finance. But it has much more to offer than this, and some aspects of the online world are still incredibly archaic in their complex and often unsuccessful ways of dealing with issues that crypto could solve in an instant.

One of these areas is media, and that’s why we’re thrilled to announce that we’re partnering with MILC (Media Industry Licensing Content), a project that is tackling the problems of traditional media head-on by building a direct bridge between the audience on one hand and the content creators and distributors on the other.

Our partnership will consist of several stages: firstly, we’ll create educational content on what MILC is doing and why it matters, and we’ll collaborate with the MILC team to bring awareness and adoption to their novel solutions in the realm of media.

Then - given that MILC has deep expertise in the TV industry, to which they’re giving their own decentralized twist - we’ll prepare educational content for TV, a first in the history of NewsCrypto! That way, we will be present not only on smartphones and computers through our app and platform, but you’ll be able to tune in to the best and latest educational and news content directly on your TV!

Overall, the guiding idea behind this partnership is bringing quality content to an audience without any of the clutter and the intermediaries that are present in traditional media. This goes hand in hand with our mission of bringing crypto knowledge to the masses, which we believe is absolutely essential for truly global adoption of crypto, and now we are spreading this mission to completely new domains. Stay tuned on our social media pages for more details and updates regarding this exciting new partnership!