NewsCrypto and CipherBlade partnership


Crypto brings us levels of privacy and anonymity that have never been possible before, but apart from opening up a plethora of legitimate use cases, this has also enabled a completely new kind of cybercrime.

The same capabilities of crypto that free you from the prying eyes of governments are also being used by criminals to steal and launder money in ever more innovative ways.


As the leading crypto educational platform, helping people protect themselves against these new forms of crime is a vital part of our mission, and that’s why we’re teaming up with CipherBlade, the world’s number one blockchain investigation agency.

Their services range from recovering stolen cryptocurrencies to tracking transactions involved in crybercrime and serving as expert witnesses on high-profile cases. They’ve helped victims of scams, hacks and exploits recover millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies, and their experience in the field is second to none.


Our partnership with CipherBlade will be far-reaching, and one of the first things we’ll do together will be to prepare a whole segment of the NewsCrypto Academy focused on security in crypto. With content appropriate for both beginners and seasoned crypto veterans, we’ll explain everything you need to know on how different types of cybercrime work, how you can protect your hard-earned crypto and, crucially, what steps you should take if you do fall victim to one of these ever more sophisticated attacks.


As the bull run has brought more and more people into crypto, this has also opened up new avenues that criminals have been very quick to exploit. The thing is, most traders and investors think they’re completely safe (especially if they don’t have a large social media presence), but, nowadays, anyone can become a target. The attacks that are used now go far beyond what you might think of first. It’s not just shoddy-looking phishing websites trying to convince you to give them your password, and sometimes the attacks don’t even need to get you to reveal any information at all.

SIM swaps are a good example of this: all it takes is for a criminal to convince your mobile service provider to transfer your number to a different SIM card (they’ll impersonate you and tell them the old one has been lost or stolen) and, unless you’ve been really careful with your crybersecurity, they can use this to drain all of your accounts (yes, even bank accounts that you don’t directly manage online).


Overall, the importance of crybersecurity is almost universally underestimated, even by the most experienced traders, and this is something we’re setting out to fix together with CipherBlade. One of the most groundbreaking advantages of crypto is that it can allow anyone to store and use their funds with more security than has ever been possible before, but this is the case only if users have the responsibility and knowledge to take advantage of this emerging technology. And the mission of CipherBlade and NewsCrypto is to bring this knowledge to everyone.

NWC Team