The season of blockchain and crypto conferences has just started, which means a bunch of interesting, fun, yet informative events are about to take place. Such events bring together the leading voices of crypto to discuss everything about the fastest growing industry in the world. Our team can’t wait to join fellow fighters in crypto adoption, as well as meet (future) NewsCrypto family members and other blockchain enthusiasts. 

One of the biggest and most influential crypto events—TOKEN 2049 is about to occur in Singapore on 28 and 29 September. Having already attracted over 4000 participants to the conference in the past year, including hundreds of leaders and founders from across the global Web3 ecosystem, it has really set the bar high for what is bound to take place next week. Nevertheless, we believe that this year's event is going to at least live up to its expectations, if not even exceed them.

What is TOKEN 2049?

Let’s just make a quick overview of TOKEN 2049, for those of you that might now be already familiar with it. The event, which is labelled as Asia’s premier crypto event, is where founders and executives of the leading Web3 projects gather to discuss the market, engage with the audience and exchange ideas. In essence, TOKEN 2049 brings together the whole crypto industry. From developers to investors, everyone gains value from attending the event.


Who are these high calibre speakers?

TOKEN2049 will provide attendees with the opportunity to listen to the most influential and established people that are paving the way for crypto adoption and shaping the future of crypto space.

The first one on the list is Dan Morehead, who is a founder and CEO at Pantera Capital. The largest crypto hedge fund ($5.6 billion in AUM) in the world has been involved with cryptocurrencies ever since 2013, when it launched the first investment fund focused on Bitcoin. The hedge fund is focused exclusively on blockchain technology and provides investors with the full spectrum of exposure to the space. The ex Goldman Sachs trader was the first institutional investor to capitalise on Bitcoin, therefore he has managed to vastly outperform other similar hedge funds. Pantera Bitcoin Fund has returned over 60,000% since its inception eight years ago.

Attendees will also have an opportunity to listen to none other than Mike Novogratz, the founder and CEO of Galaxy Digital. Originally, the start for his Galaxy Digital Assets Fund was scheduled for 15th December of 2017, but because he didn’t like market conditions, it was eventually postponed at a later date. With the benefit of hindsight we now know that the crypto market peaked in January 2018, which displays his extraordinary feel for the market.. No surprise he even served on the New York Federal Reserve’s Investment Advisory Committee.


All of the DeFi enthusiasts will probably be crowding around the stage where Stani Kulechov will be discussing scaling of DeFi towards mass adoption. The founder and CEO of AAVE can definitely be considered a DeFi veteran, as he released one of the first DeFi DApps (called ETHLend) which enabled users to transact value in a decentralised manner via peer-to-peer network. His passion in creating tools for an open, transparent, and equitable financial ecosystem through various DeFi protocols, has already led to him founding two protocols—Lens and Aave—and we’re sure his mission is anything but finished here.

When it comes to a discussion titled ‘The Future of Crypto: Navigating the Decade Ahead’, all eyes will probably lie on’s CEO Kris Marszalek. Leading one of the biggest crypto exchanges, which offer numerous crypto-powered financial solutions and are therefore paving the way for adoption, he definitely has a thorough understanding about the subject and will vastly contribute to the conversation.

All of the NFT and play-to-earn enthusiasts will probably gather to hear the Co-Founder of a non-fungible token-based video game - Axie Infinity, talk about Web3 gaming. Aleksander Leonard Larsen’s hard work in the blockchain space, focused on blockchain games and player-owned economies has definitely paid off in 2021 with the boom of NFT related projects, as the public finally widely recognised the immense potential of this sector. 

Many readers will be familiar with these projects, but if not, don’t forget that we have fundamental analysis reports on many of them, including Aave, and we’ve got whole sections dedicated to DeFi and NFTs, among many other things, in our free NewsCrypto Academy.

There’s more

TOKEN 2049 Singapore is the flagship blockchain and crypto-focused event that will occur as a part of the official Asia Crypto Week (26th Sept - 2nd Oct), which will feature various independently organised side events, such as meetups, panels, discussions, workshops, networking drinks and even parties. 


These will be happening throughout the whole week, providing attendees with immense learning and networking opportunities. With over 200 speakers and 250 exhibitors, each of more than 7000 visitors will surely derive value from attending it.

As already mentioned, our team will be present at the main event - TOKEN 2049, so in case this article has stirred your interest and you decide to attend it too, don’t forget to say hi. You will easily recognise our team members, as they’ll wear T-shirts with the NewsCrypto logo on their chest. Whether you have any questions regarding our mission in the crypto space or simply want to get to know who is behind our project, anything is welcome. Looking forward to meeting all of you!