Trading crypto has a lot of advantages, but it can also be quite scary, especially for beginners, while expert traders can have difficulties of their own: namely, having different more advanced tools scattered over many different platforms.

That’s where NewsCrypto comes in – a project that was created because a group of people shared a simple yet powerful idea: they wanted to help people succeed in the crypto world, by preventing them from making the same mistake thousands of people make on a daily basis, whether they aren’t educated enough in TA, or are falling for disinformation. They decided to step in and combine their knowledge with a team of analysts to help you achieve greatness.

NewsCrypto is the biggest top of the line platform that not only educates, but also consists of specially programmed indicators, which can help you get a unique edge in the market. The platform solves the problem of finding the right information at the right time and guides you from blindly investing, so that you don’t have to make guesses, but rather educated and well thought out moves instead.

The time has finally come! NewsCrypto’s long awaited platform update brought things to a whole new level. But beware, its fresh new look will blow your mind!

NewsCrypto platform provides users with original content in its very own educational Academy, which just got greatly increased. Now you can dive deeper, into the cryptocurrency world, and learn even more. It really covers everything, from buying and selling cryptocurrencies, to technical and practical information on unfolding trends. The updated platform also consists of a new addition, the Unchained Education Hub, a place where educators and analysts from all over the world share their knowledge, in hope of helping you improve. The platform is also very community-focused, and this is especially visible in the Community Predictions section, where users can earn valuable weekly rewards for their TA.

Besides all that, the tools got updated as well, with both new functionalities and a smoother interface. Tools are split into two categories: Basic Tools, which are perfect for all, from beginners to more advanced users, and Professional tools, which allow you to take things up a notch and really make your crypto trading skills stand out from the crowd.

Professional Tools consist of remarkable proprietary features like the AI Sentiment Price Prediction tool, which analyzes all the sentiment data and then predicts what the price is most likely to be in a given timeframe, and the pro version of Moonlines, for example, which not only automatically draws support, resistance and trend lines, just like the basic version, but also integrates data from the AI Sentiment Price Prediction tool.