DeFi Scan helped thousands of traders to invest and be a part of the DeFi revolution.

We designed the most sophisticated Tool for DeFi investing to track, study, audit and evaluate different projects. 

The Analysts at NWC finished the latest tool upgrade. 

Try the tool:

Not being able to access unbiased data amidst the DeFi revolution is the most common problem all traders face. This tool provides

• Complete project overview 

• Pure price movement analysis 

• Detailed roadmaps 

• Current progress 

• Best and worst performing coins

The dashboard was made keeping in mind traders from all backgrounds.

Experienced or new, retail, or institutional. 

The aim is simple

• Explain complex ideas in the simplest form 

• Present large data accurately 

• User-friendly UI

Next one is the table displays the Top Gainers and Top losers of the time period.

This will help us gain an overview of the market and decide the trend. Soon, this section will also have the most detailed report of the price movement study using Technical Analysis from our team.


One of the features we are most proud of is Coin Explorer.

It will provide you with the most important information like:

I. Project Preview: detailed description of coin use case, background, and roadmap. 

II. Price: current price of the asset and its movement during the day.

III. Total value locked chart: displays how much money is locked in smart contracts of each coin. 

IV. Always examine the community on social media. look for prompt admins and look for active, real community. 

V. List of exchanges where you can buy or sell this asset.


In the end, we added Newscrypto rating.

Our propriety metric for rating the project is based on the genuine of the project and potential future price growth. The rating is made by studying the following: 

• Team analysis 

• Blockchain and wallet 

• Token lockup period 

• Product viability

• Estimating the scale of revenue generation

• Institutional applications

If you have any additonal questions or need help in using the tool, do not hesitate to contact here:

Thank you for your attention.

NWC Team