A message to every member of our community: Thank you for supporting us, thank you for believing in us through all those years. Now it’s our turn to give back to you guys. Here, at NewsCrypto, we’ve prepared a little surprise for you.

To continue growing our community bond with NWC army we’ve decided to give back with an airdrop that’s actually the biggest airdrop we’ve ever done! Let’s dive into the details👇

The airdrop’s maximum allocation is 11,700,000 NWC, in which the highest reward for each of you guys is 1170 NWC. Therefore, the total number of eligible participants is 10,000, and the airdropped NWC tokens can be claimed in 5 unlocking missions in 2022. Some of these will bring extra prizes of their own for the first participants, so make sure to stay tuned.

The most important date is when we will take a snapshot of all the participants and check which of the requirements were met. Write it down in your notebook, your calendar or put a sticker on your fridge. That's the date you can’t afford to miss.

Snapshot date: 10.05.2022

How to participate?

Register on our platform (if not already registered)→ https://app.newscrypto.io/

After you’re registered, you will need to comply with 1 or all additional conditions:

  1. to be COMMUNITY MEMBER of our Official Telegram Channel (https://t.me/NWC_PublicChat - or member in one of the Official Telegram groups in selected countries:
  2. to be an ACTIVE USER on the NewsCrypto platform and App in the last 7 days favoriting at least 5 cryptocurrencies
  3. to be an NWC HODLER and keep at least 30 NWC on the NewsCrypto platform or in a non-exchange wallet
  4. to be a PRO TIER MEMBER on the NewsCrypto platform
  5. to be a NWC STAKER

You can enter the airdrop page here: http://app.newscrypto.io/airdrop


  • COMMUNITY MEMBER = 10 NWC locked tokens
  • ACTIVE USER = 20 NWC locked tokens
  • NWC HODLER = 40 NWC locked tokens
  • PRO TIER MEMBER = 300 NWC locked tokens
  • NWC STAKER = 800 NWC locked tokens

If you are fulfilling multiple conditions at the same time, then the NWC token values are summed. The maximum possible sum for each participant is 1170 NWC, if all of the 5 conditions above are met.

In short, the community has always been and always will be our number one priority. We know that you can see the effort we are consistently putting into building this mega project. Don’t forget the snapshot date and for all other relevant information, feel free to contact us or check the official page https://app.newscrypto.io/airdrop