Hi guys! Things are in full gear here at NewsCrypto, but every now and then you have to take a step back to look at all the things you’ve managed to create and accomplish, in order to feel grateful and fuel your future motivation.

This blog post is dedicated to just that; to everything we’ve managed to achieve here at NewsCrypto in the first half of this year.

We started the year off by making NWC a cross-chain token. Apart from its native blockchain Stellar, a version of it was created on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, along with listings on Uniswap and PancakeSwap.

While we were making our tokens available to the greater public, after an extensive beta testing executed by over 50k beta testers, we released the first full version of the NewsCrypto App that introduced us to the integrated NWC and in-app tokens, enabling our users to earn some great rewards with our app! Soon after the release, the app got a highly anticipated update which included price alerts, MA alerts, listing alerts and Ethereum gas fee alerts.

Price alerts let you know about great entry opportunities. With price alerts you can keep track of everything and take a breather from constantly looking at the charts. Moving averages also referred to as MAs are useful for finding an entry in a bull market (or a sell target in a bearish market) by setting the length of the MA you want, you get an alert when the price touches it.

Listing alerts allow you to choose a token and the exchange you are hoping will list it, and when the listing goes live you get an alert.

With the Ethereum gas fee alerts you can set an alert for when the gas fee drops to your desired level, so that you can make the transaction with the lowest fee possible. Our app now also consists of crypto analysis reports, various crypto games and so much more!

NewsCrypto also got a fresh new look with the redesign of our brand identity. The app and the website have already been released in the much more appealing, organized and stylish version and everybody can hardly for the platform’s v3.0 release to see how it will turn out, and let me tell you, it looks killer.

We built a lot of new communities all over the world, including in Turkey and Africa! With their help, and the help of our communications department, we managed to recruit a vast number of ambassadors, who are reinforcing our vision by helping us spread crypto knowledge.

We updated and expanded our roadmap, which is now based on the adoption curve and the diffusion of innovations curve. NewsCrypto is an ever-evolving project. Our main objective is to help others become better crypto traders, and because the technology is constantly evolving and improving, so are we.

One of those improvements was the release of our proprietary tool, the AI sentiment price prediction, which analyzes all the available data, including social media, to determine a sentiment score and creates a price prediction, based on the data.

Our partnership with Travala was truly one of the most important developments in the first half of this year. Token holders are now able to travel to their dream destinations and pay for exclusive deals, with discounts that can’t be found on any other platform, directly with the NWC tokens! We’ve also succeeded in partnering up with Pirate Chain, Secret Network and Pinknode, for which we are all incredibly grateful!

In order to be even more deflationary and reward our users, we have committed ourselves to burning 10 million NWC tokens by the end of the year, part of which we already burned!

We also got listed on Gate.io AND opened an official NWC merch store, so that those of you who want to show us some love and support, have a chance to do so and rock a funny and cool shirt while you’re at it!


A monumental first half of the year, and we’re all excited to see what the next one brings!