A new crypto Bull Run is on its way and it propels Bitcoin to $150,000. This is a result of mainstream interest and government economic measures.

The last mega crypto Bull Run was in 2017, so after these years in uncertainty, it looks promising for a big crypto rally. This is confirmed by the co-founder of market analytics company Digital Assets Data. So, a major crypto Bull Run is simply inevitable!

This means that Bitcoin’s price will rise to 1,400%. Also, other solid altcoins will make impressive gains. These gains won’t be reflected across the entire cryptocurrency market, but all solid altcoins will see impressive price action.

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Inflow indicator

With the inflow indicator, you will see the withdrawals and deposits done in fiat. The inflow indicator includes figures on how much money is flowing in through fiat withdrawals and how much has left crypto. With this, we inform every trader of the direction where the market is headed towards in the future.

Whale alert

One of the best things on our platform is the whale alert. This indicator checks all the important cryptocurrency markets for big sellers and buyers. You can set your preferred parameters to coins of your interests. In turn, you will get real-time notifications allowing you to make moves matching to those of market whales. So, when big whales sell or buy the ‘smaller guy’ benefits via NewsCrypto.

Stock-to-flow model

At our platform, we offer the Stock-to-flow S2F or SF model. This model measures the relationship between the currently available stock of coins and their production rate. Crypto analyst PlanB released a key indicator for its stock-to-flow prediction model that signals a Bitcoin bull run to $100,000 by 2021 has just started. Crypto analyst Harold Christopher Burger used the new cross-asset S2F model to predict a rally to $1 million by 2025.

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