Today we’re celebrating the two years anniversary of the first listing of the NWC. First we’ll take a look at what has already been accomplished and then we’ll briefly dive into our plans for the future.

Our mission to develop a new global educational and analytical ecosystem that creates a simple and efficient financial environment for successful cryptocurrency trading has started over two years ago, but it was the first exchange listing that really paved the way not only for further adoption of our platform, but also our token. Afterwards, many more exchanges came along, where potential investors could purchase our token, thus we can proudly say that NWC has been listed not only on 11 centralised exchanges including KuCoin, where it can be found in the KuCoin Plus trading area, but also on 3 decentralised exchanges.

One more thing we've recognized as crucial for global adoption of our ecosystem is having our token accessible on multiple chains. Therefore stopping at offering it only on Stellar blockchain, where it was originally minted was no option for us. You can now access our token on three additional blockchains, which are Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon. The cross-chain swap empowers our users to facilitate the adoption of NWC in DeFi protocols and decentralized exchanges, aside from making it available to a wider user base.

Throughout the years, numerous mechanisms that reward our community members have been enacted, one of them being burning of tokens. Not only regular burns of 20% of the membership fees paid in the NWC token, but also additional burns that we do hand in hand with major events. Our total supply started at 280 million tokens and has already been shrunk to 270,050,481, which means we’ve already burned almost 10 million tokens.

Another thing we’ve also put lots of importance on is partnering up with other prominent, promising and groundbreaking projects. We’ve successfully formed partnerships and integrations with many eminent figures both in the crypto sphere as well as conventional financial institutions, most notable being Polygon, Chainlink, Travala, Kucoin and Elrond.

We’re currently working on a Stellar-Polygon bridge, which will enable users to swap their XLM tokens to wrapped XLM (wXLM) on Polygon almost instantly and at close to zero costs. And once they’ve got their wrapped XLM, they will be able to use them in all the DeFi protocols that Polygon has to offer. That way, you will be able to hold your XLM, while simultaneously benefiting from all of the perks DeFi offers.

Throughout our journey we have also empowered our token with many utilities, which substantially contributed to its widespread adoption. We consider unlocking access, payment method and staking rewards as the most important. Unlocking access refers to unlocking Professional tools on our Platform, payment method to using NWC tokens to purchase subscription or book a holiday on Travala, and staking rewards to our staking program (as well as using our token for transaction fees in our native wallet).

When it comes to our future plans, our main aim is to have the biggest educational hub and most popular indicators and tools in the industry, but we are putting more and more efforts into also being in the technical field, for example with our Stellar-Polygon bridge that we’re currently working on. We'll always strive to be as innovative and provide as much value to the community as possible.